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Fig: Pros of Joytan

For the time being, we receive a video/audio content request for free. If you're learning with Memrise or Anki and have something to turn into an audio/textbooks to learn offline, ask us via Twitter!


Joytan (ジョイ単) is a free, small cross-platform desktop application that facilitates the process of making audio/textbook and helps people create their own original educational materials. It comes with some powerful features which are designed to be particularly useful for language-learners.



Screenshots of Input window
Input window
(The Welcome Page)
Screenshots of Textbook setting window
Audiobook setting window
Screenshots of Audiobook setting window
Textbook setting window

Test suite status

Joytan has unit tests to ensure code quality. Travis CI is used for continuous build and test integration.

Build Status

Any Questions?

If you need help, ask me on Twitter or Gitter.